How Heather got her HAT'ness back

Heather Costaras
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"You used to be much more muchier.  You've lost your much'ness" - Mad Hatter to Alice

A quirky and unique illustrated poem about Heather (nicknamed Hat)... who loses touch with her true self... her 'much'ness'... her 'HAT'ness'... in her hasty attempt to *fit-in* and be *normal*.

It's a story about what it feels like to people-please, live a lie and wear a mask... and the journey back towards reclaiming genuine authenticity - and having the courage to be *seen* for who we truly are.

  • Full-colour, 80-page, illustrated poem
  • The book was written with adults and teens in mind (it wasn't originally intended as a "children's book" since there are some sensitive topics that younger kids may not understand... ie:  marriage problems, eating disorders, self-abuse, etc).
  • Written & illustrated by Heather Costaras

"Can you remember who you were... before the world told you who you *should* be?" - Danielle LaPorte

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  • Length
    80 pages
  • Size28.9 MB
  • Length80 pages
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How Heather got her HAT'ness back

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